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Parent Handbook

Ottawa Sting Minor Hockey Parent Handbook

Although you have just started your hockey season, we have been working since last season to make the hockey experience enjoyable for both parents and players.

In the spring, we interviewed and selected your coaches. All Sting head coaches must hold at minimum, Intermediate coaching certification and have coaching experience. They have met with the Director of Coaching and know that the Sting are trying to put the emphasis on development rather than just winning. They know that we are looking for consistency from year to year in what our players are learning so that they continue to develop. The head coach must present his proposed coaching staff to the Ottawa Sting Executive for approval. We believe we have chosen the best candidates for the job from the applicants we had, and trust you will find the same.

Roles of Ottawa Sting Executive and Team Liaison

The executive are here to address parent issues and concerns. There will be a board member appointed to each level to act as Team Liaison. This individual will help the group through tryouts and releases for the formation of teams. The liaison will be available to the team for it's initial parents' meeting and for any other reason including parent concerns, complaints and questions.

Fee Payment

Once a player becomes a member of the Sting, the Sting Treasurer must invoice the player's home Association for the fees paid to that Association. The team also needs start-up funds. Generally, the first payment to the team is made in September, but the first Sting payment fee is due the 15th of September and the second installment is due the 15th of October. By December, the Ottawa Sting Treasurer should have received the Association fees for each player. These payments are due to Ottawa Sting by the 15th of December. Team Treasurers should collect slightly before that date in order to deposit sufficient funds to cover the cheque.

Equipment Required

Each player MUST wear black pants and helmet for all games as well as the Sting jersey and Sting socks.

Financial Decisions and Reporting

All major financial decisions, and any deviation from the accepted budget, must be brought to a parent vote for approval by 75% majority in order to implement or change. All team managers are responsible for a monthly financial reporting to the OSMHA Treasurer, and to the team parents.


The MOST critical roll on the team. This individual is the glue that binds the team together. He/she is the liaison between the parents and the coaching staff. The manager assists the coaching staff in all matters of team events including: booking & trading ice, organizing and booking tournaments, reporting suspensions, affiliations, etc.

The manager can be the difference between a fantastic season and a miserable one. Please give serious thought to choosing the right individual.

This individual must be extremely well organized, be able to delegate, deal well with people and children and be proficient at problem-solving and conflict resolution. The manager MUST work with the coaching staff, and have the same goals in mind for the season and the team. The manager's role is explained in more detail in our manager's handbook. This is a general description in order to stimulate thinking by the parents on the ideal candidate to assume this important role.

All other team volunteers report directly to the team Manager. Here are a few examples:

Team Treasurer - Collect fees from parents, keep accurate records of revenue and expenses and prepare a report by the 5th of each month for the team Manager to review and submit to the GRMH treasurer along with any payments due to the GRMH. The team manager will give a copy of this financial statement to the parents each month.

Statistician - Keep fair and accurate statistics as instructed by the coaching staff.

Fundraiser - Prepare proposals for team and individual fundraising and present to team for a vote on which proposals will be utilized. Help schedule, plan and organize the accepted fundraisers and delegate duties to volunteers.

Clock and Penalty Box - This is an official position. You are no longer a team parent, but a game minor official. Once assumed, this position requires a fair and unbiased effort. There can be no verbal debate with on-ice officials.

Tournament Rep - Attend all tournament meetings as your team liaison. Bring information gathered from the meetings to your team. Help enlist volunteers to fill the shifts required of your team. Help tournament committee in the final stages of organization and the running of the tournament.


Now that your team has been formed, it is up to you the parent, as your child's greatest fan, to do everything in your power to encourage and nurture the TEAM approach. This is your child's team and that is not going to change. This is also the selected team coaching staff and that, too, will not change.

It is imperative that you focus on the positive. The team may only be hurt by negative feelings and the result can be a long and frustrating year for a player if he must choose between your feelings and his own.

The kids love the game and just want to play. The Ottawa Sting has done everything in its power to ensure that we are providing the best coaching staff available and the best learning environment for your child. Please help us make this season a positive one for your child and his team. Use your team liaison, yet feel free to contact the Executive, President or Vice-President of Hockey Operations at any time with your questions, concerns or suggestions on how we can improve.


Please remember that, at all times, you represent District B of the Ottawa District Minor Hockey Association (ODMHA), its member associations, and Ottawa Sting Minor Hockey Association. (OSMHA) As such, your personal conduct must be of the highest order at all times. Abuse of officials, team coaching staff and players will NOT be tolerated.

Problems and Complaints

We know there won't be many of these…however, if you need to raise an issue, the procedure is as follows:

1. First, speak to your child. Find out what happened, what was said, and how he feels about the situation. Carefully assess what a child may take as face value.

2. If you feel there is a problem, you may speak to the team manager, and ask for a meeting with the coach (24 hour cool down rule).

3. If not comfortable or satisfied with this, speak to your team liaison. An objective opinion and different perspective may help. The liaison can also bring forward your concerns to the board.

4. Speak to the Vice-President of Hockey Operations or the Sting President about your concerns.

5. Don't wait too long to deal with an issue. It is always easier to remedy a situation if it is caught early, and no damage has been done.

For information about the Sting, please review our website, where contact information for the executive board and your coaches can also be found.

Have a wonderful hockey season!
And, even though this is competitive hockey, let's keep it FUN!

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